lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

on the way to the museum or She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing

Finally after two atempts to convince my husband to go to Monterrey, he agreed to go. I really wanted to go see Dominique Lemieux's and Ron Mueck's exhibitions at MARCO, one of the main museums at Monterrey. My husband doesn't despise art or doesn't like Monterrey, he was just concerned we could be endangered by going there, because of the violence that this city is living, as well as many others in the northern part of Mexico are going through... And when I saw Muecks Man in a boat, made me think that that's how alot of us living in Mexico are felling... that uncertainty in his expression, of what's coming next... a little suspicious and a little concerned.... and by saying this I feel like I'm undermining how I feel... because truly I feel alot suspicious and alot of concern.
And despite all of the violent tragic events going on every single every hour of the day... with or with out the sun present... we must continue to have faith, work create and believe and help ourselves, our kids, our families to grow and become better individuals; so the future is something desirable and not a nightmare we don't dare to think about; so that in the future we can attend an art exhibit with a joyous feeling, with a pure expectation of discovering another person's creation, not with a heart filled with uncertainty and fear of what you may encounter on the way to the museum...

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